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COVID-19 Week 2 Continued


Week 2 of quarantine consisted of polishing our routine which seems to be working for us. The kids know what to expect so we don’t hear “What should we do now?” a thousand times a day. It’s definitely made things better.

In the morning we do schoolwork from 9:30 to 10:30. Some days are better than others but we work through it. Claire was given lots of work on the last day before March break and is still making her way through it (2 french projects, 14 chapters of novel study and science sheets). Emmett’s teacher has been amazing. She set up google classroom the weekend after March break and has been posting packages of work for the kids (math, reading comprehension, writing, science). She posts video messages to them and has even called to check in. Emmett has not only learned how to do his work, but how to hole punch it and staple it for his workbook plus how to scan it using my phone so he can submit it online. His french teacher has posted resources for french games, flashcards and free access to french books.

After school time they do chores for an hour which can be anything from a long list we prepared together though I ask them to check in with me first. Sometimes they clean their room, go through old toys for donation, do laundry etc etc. They have been doing it together, sometimes listening to audio books while they work. They don’t complain about it and actually help a lot.

After that they practice typing for a bit while we get lunch ready. We try to have lunch together as a family but sometimes Daddy has meetings that overlap. We have been watching some new shows with lunch, learning about all kinds of cool stuff. The kids prefer to watch animal themed shows but we have watched 72 worst places in the world to live and other things they find interesting.

After lunch we do another hour of schoolwork before going outside to play for as long as they want. Sometimes we go for a walk, sometimes we find green space and play Frisbee. The parks in our neighbourhood were blocked off this week but we weren’t going on the play structures anyway.

Other times we just hang out in the front yard but we make sure to get some fresh air and exercise. Things that were “old” and not of interest have become new again like our sand box.

Emmett’s lazy man bubble solution – the air being vented from the house does the work.

After that they can do whatever they want until dinner. The kids (and us) have learned how to set up video chats and they love talking to their cousins. I hear lots of laughter from downstairs when they are talking to one another.

I was also able to contact one of Emmett’s best friend’s parents who called one day for a video chat. Emmett was so excited. The first thing he said to his friend was “Isn’t this fun? It’s like every day is the weekend.” They showed each other Pokemon cards and other toys. Halfway through Emmett came upstairs and asked, “Can he come over for a play date?” but we had to explain the whole reason we were doing the video chat to begin with. Emmett was so happy after talking to him. These are things we never did before but times have changed.

After dinner we have family time and have been playing board games, watching movies and familiarizing ourselves with our old Wii console.

In this way the days have been passing and the kids don’t seem too affected by things. They understand what is happening but not all the gory details. So far, they seem pretty happy in general.

On the weekends we try to switch things up a bit and go farther from home. We have been exploring wooded areas nearby and getting into geocaching. The kids get so excited when they find treasures especially caches that have toys to trade. They bring a bag of their own so they can add something in addition to our signature. Even in the rain we have gone out because being in nature is so soothing. The fresh air and exercise lifts our spirits. We even challenge ourselves going through level 5 terrain! Emmett is learning to skip rocks and Claire has been collecting all kinds of cool things. We have found several spots nearby we never even knew existed and will continue to go there in the future I’m sure.

COVID-19 Week 2 – School is in!


Week 2 of social distancing and we are trying to figure out a routine that will work for us and keep us somewhat sane.

Today we started school time. I thought the kids would be unhappy about it but I told them we would start at 9:30am and they came upstairs at 9:30am sharp, teeth brushed, dressed and wearing backpacks. It was very cute. They called me Miss and would ask to go to the washroom and everything. At least it went fairly well for the first day.

On the flip side it was snowing/raining so too miserable to go outside. This really affects their mood but we managed to find a way that was fun to get exercise indoors – Just Dance.  We haven’t played this in forever but they loved it and worked up a sweat!

We also saw a neighbourhood scavenger hunt listed on-line and decided to participate. We put up an elephant for animal day. Maybe if the weather improves we can walk around looking for other animals.




A Whole New World.


Usually March Break is one of our favourite weeks of the year and we have all kinds of exciting adventures….not the case this year. Our new reality with COVID-19 is isolation at home. Luckily I couldn’t pick 3 better people to be stuck at home with. We are doing our best and so far the kids have been totally fine. There are no complaints about being at home. We make sure to get outside at least an hour every day which helps A LOT. Sometimes we hang out in our neighbourhood or play on our front lawn and sometimes we venture afar for more elaborate hikes.  At home we have been playing lots of boardgames (old faves and trying new ones with the kids), watching movies, cooking together (testing out new recipes), reading, video-chatting with friends (the cutest was Emmett’s zoom call with his whole hockey team) and doing some spring cleaning (out with the small clothes).

Some photos:

Like father, like daughter.  Totally absorbed in the movie.

Zooming with the hockey team.

Home-made pot stickers.  The kids fought over the leftovers which I took as a good sign.

Learning to type – what better skill to pick up during this forced isolation?

Teaching Emmett how to play Clue.

Hiking the Don River.  Always a fave.

Turkey day because why not? We’re home all day anyway. It was delicious and we’re still enjoying the leftovers.

Edwards Gardens.  Always beautiful.

Making chili (#lifeskills).  We are definitely not suffering for yummy food (thank goodness).  Daddy braved the grocery store and Costco and even got toilet paper!

A new hike through German Mills Park. We even found several geocaches along the way and one of them had toys to share including a dragon for Claire!  It was cold but worth it. Nice to see lots of people out getting fresh air.

Brrrr….. so cold.

The new reality.

This creepy horror film tunnel was a fave find for the kids.  They ran through singing “going through a creepy tunnel…”  I wouldn’t have done it on my own, that’s for sure!

Participating in ‘chalk the walk’ – a movement to decorate your driveway/sidewalk with positive pictures/messages.  We drew pictures and wrote out some jokes to hopefully put a smile on the faces of people passing by.  We also finally took down the Christmas lights and then went to the park to play frisbee but it was so windy and cold (doesn’t feel like spring yet).

Not sure what the next 2 weeks will bring but now that “break” is over we’re going to try to build some semblance of a routine so we don’t end up in pj’s all day every day forgetting to shower and brush teeth =) The kids’ teachers sent home some work with them so we’ll get through that and Emmett’s teacher has already set up a remote classroom to keep the students on track. We’ll be learning in lots of different ways at home together =)

Happy 7th Birthday Emmett!


So, obviously this year we didn’t get to celebrate Emmett’s birthday how we planned with a trip to Medieval Times and glow in the dark mini golf along with watching Onward at the theatre but we did our best to make the day special for our favourite son!

Luckily we had purchased a few small items so he had some gifts to open – a new Pikachu St. Patrick’s Day shirt (perfect or what?), a book he really wanted and was so excited to get he read the whole novel the first day and many times since (he’s always carrying it around with him). Also, he had said he wanted to redecorate his room so we had purchased Pokemon wall stickers and he happily spent part of the day redecorating which led to Claire redecorating her walls and overall lots of fun!

We measured him on his growth chart – a big jump from last year and a few cm above Claire at the same age.

We made a birthday cake and ate all his favourite foods – mac and cheese for lunch, pizza for dinner and a special treat … warm apple cider.

We watched Detective Pikachu again which he was super happy about and then went outdoors and played frisbee along with all kinds of other games at the park.

His teacher emailed him first thing in the morning with birthday wishes and he got to video chat with his cousins and talk to the rest of the family on the phone.

At the end of it all we asked if it was an OK day and he gave us a big smile and told us “it was the best birthday ever” – this kid is always so happy, got to love it.

Emmett at age 7 loves: hockey, pokemon, reading, cuddling, anything active, squishmellows, bakugon, homemade hamburgers and fries, and so much more!

February 2019 Miscellaneous


Some random photos from February and beginning of March ….

Cuddling with Mom on the couch.

Giant icicles reached with the aid of Emmett’s hockey stick!

Emmett just entered a new phase. Recently we took a trip to the library where the kids picked out some books. Emmett grabbed a novel from a series “Notebooks of Doom”. At home, he started reading it and was hooked. He has always loved reading together but has never read novels on his own but now every free chance he gets he is reading these books (sound familiar?). He asked if we could order the rest of the books in the series (there are 12). A few days later I told them 7 had come into the library and he begged me to immediately take him to get him. Now, every time I am looking for him he is either under his covers, lying on the couch or sitting reading somewhere. It is really cute watching him read with furrowed brow and total concentration. The only problem was one morning when i had to wake him for school and he was very out of it and tired (totally not like him). I thought he was sick but turns out he was up late reading secretly in bed. Love that he is now an independent reader though I won’t give up my reading/cuddle time!

Black history dress-down day. We did our best (the school actually suggested Black Panther).

Emmett voluntarily helps shovel the snow even if it’s before school in the morning. He even helps Daddy shovel our elderly neighbours driveway.

More art class projects: super heroes, manga (Japanese cartooning), pottery, whale planters etc



Daddy and Claire play chess at least every other night before bed. She is starting to be a serious contender. Love that they have fun with this.

Goalie school.

Archery / knife throwing videos I missed before:

Hockey tournament photos I just got (Emmett receiving his trophy & group shot):

That’s it for now!

Family Day Weekend 2019


After realizing that hockey games and most other extra-curriculars were canceled for Family Day weekend we decided we should go on a get-a-way and decided to head to Niagara Falls and check out the Fallsview water park. The kids were very excited about the idea. They loved their bunk beds in our hotel room and the courtyard area where they immediately made friends and started playing hide-and-seek.

As soon as we had access to the water park at 1pm we headed over. The kids loved the wave pool and the slides in the kids area. They didn’t really want to wait in the long lines for the tube slides as the park was VERY busy and were having a blast. Later Grandma and Grandpa showed up and hung out for a bit before we all went out for dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. The kids love the atmosphere of this place.

The next morning we took advantage of early 2hr access to the water park and enjoyed shorter lines. We all tried out the tube slides which were lots of fun. The wave pool was a bit cold so the kids spent most of their time sliding. After ~3 hrs they had had enough of the water park and wanted to go to the midway and play some arcade games. We did that for a bit and then figured it was time for us to head home since the next day was a school day. Before going back to the car we decided we should take a few minutes and actually go see the Falls =)

It was an exhausting but great weekend get-away.

Cupid Practice!


Valentines Day fell on a Friday PA day this year so we had big plans. We were going to spend the day skiing. Unfortunately Mother Nature did not cooperate with us. It was the coldest day of the year with wind chill dropping temps to -30 oC. As a result we decided to skip the slopes. Instead we tried something new to most of us in honour of Cupid. We went to Stryke and tried archery for the first time. I think everyone picked it up fairly quickly and we enjoyed our hour of shooting. Emmett pretended to be Hawkeye and Claire pretended to be Merida.

Afterwards we decided to try the axe and knife throwing too. This was a much more difficult skill to master and we all struggled but it was definitely satisfying to hear the ‘thump’ when we did make contact with the wood.

Other than that our day was pretty low key but Emmett did make the cutest card for Derek in his spare time.

It was parent pick for family movie night so we chose Dumbo (live version) to which the kids groaned and eye rolled but then ended up loving the movie (of course).

Just loved spending the day with all my 3 Valentines!

Mother-Daughter Day!


While the boys were busy birthday-partying it up, Claire and I had a girls day. First off we went to a mother-daughter yoga class together. We took the subway which turned into an adventure with subway closures, fires and an “interesting” gentleman who regailed us with stories of his self-driving invisible car he had invented that could drive to Kingston in 2 min…

The class was fun. It was Valentines themed and there was lots of partner work. We got to make hearts and pretend to be Cupid. There was even a chocolate eating meditation! I know it isn’t exactly Claire’s thing but I was grateful she went with me.

Afterwards we checked out an 80’s themed ice sculpting festival that was going on nearby. It was ridiculously packed but we were able to get up close to some sculptures. The funny thing was that we had watched Back to the Future II the night before and then got to see the Delorean in ice!

The ride home was even more eventful which means we didn’t get back until late but luckily the boys had made a yummy dinner for us =)

It was a great day together!

Happy Birthday Yukio!


After playing in the tournament finals Emmett went to one of his best friend’s birthday party with Daddy. To our surprise it was quite the grand affair. Black Panther was the theme and there was even Black Panther center pieces. Emmett had a blast. There was a clown on site who made tons of balloon animals and painted his face with Pikachu. There was a pinata, a photo booth and LOTS of food. You’d think he would be tired after this but he had enough energy to go play another hockey game afterwards! I swear that boy has bottomless energy.

Valentine Hockey Tournament


Last weekend Emmett played in his second hockey tournament. This one was set up very differently than the first. Unlike their regular games the team was not split in half playing simultaneously so they split the kids in half and entered the tournament separately. It was also the first time they were changing on the fly from the bench, there was full penalties, face-offs for every whistle and the score was up on the scoreboard.

In their first game, Emmett’s team won 7-2. The next morning at 8am they had a very tough game. In the end they lost 11-10 when the other team pulled their goalie and scored “at” the buzzer. One ref called it a goal, the other said it wasn’t. They debated for awhile but in the end they counted it. Emmett was SO upset. It was a very tough loss. We thought this meant they were definitely out of the finals since there were 6 teams in total.

They didn’t play again until lunchtime and Emmett was super excited to have Grandma and Grandpa in attendance. By this point the kids had shaken off the defeat and ended up winning 12-4. It was really fun watching because they played music during play stoppage (another first). Emmett was definitely grooving along. We stuck around to watch the other half of his team play. The boys were so cute sitting together in the stands cheering on their teammates. Unfortunately they didn’t fare as well. Then we headed out for a late lunch / early dinner with G&G.

After all the games were played, one team went undefeated 3-0 and 2 teams were tied with a 2-1 record (Emmett’s team and the team that beat them 11-10). The tie breaker was goals against and because Emmett’s team had 4 less goals scored on them they went through to the finals!!!!

The final game was Sunday morning at 8am. Claire graciously agreed to get up early so that I could go watch the game too. The kids started off really well but then the other team overpowered them. To be fare they had a full team, including a back-up goalie, having opted not to split their team in half and enter 2 teams. Also in their league they play under the tournament rules so they were used to the format. It was a tough 9-1 loss. The kids were really upset but we cheered for them as loud as we could to show support. As one mom yelled “#2 on the ice. #1 in our hearts!” They did a presentation at the end and the kids got a trophy. It was a great first experience in a final and we were very proud of Emmett’s great defensive play.

Photos of Emmett taken by on-site photographer:

Strike Day = Science Centre Fun


On our second strike day the kids and I went to the Science Centre. It was eerily quiet. They had so many areas all to themselves. It was definitely a unique experience. They had so much fun. A good way to do some learning when not in school =)

Flying Squirrel!


Finally we were able to get together with the cousins to celebrate both Laura and Samuel’s birthdays. We met up at a new trampoline park that opened up recently – the Flying Squirrel. The kids had an absolute blast. I’m sure they could have spent the entire day there but made excellent use of their 1 hr trying out everything that was available. Even Derek and I got in on the action. It was so much fun. We found it quite different compared to SkyZone.

Thanks to Tia we actually have lots of photo and video record of all the action!

Afterwards we went out for brunch and caught up on all that has been going on since last we were together.

Man do those kids love each other!

It was a great way to celebrate 2 great kids!

January 2020 – Miscellaneous


Saw this building and had to take a photo for Claire (she loved it).

Emmett started the year off ‘winning’ a charity award for his class. The kids were proud of themselves and wanted to show off both their awards together.

We’ve been taking advantage of Family Favourites $2.99 movies. Enjoyed Abominable and Addams Family.

Emmett even wears his Pikachu hat at the theatre …

Pickle Surprise!

Both kids have started art classes again this term.

They got to use the pottery wheel to create plates to go with the mugs they had made.

Final mugs – they turned out great. The kids even made mini mugs of hot chocolate and cookies to go with them.

Daddy recently taught Claire to play chess so now when he is “on her” for bedtime they play a game together. He says she is getting good.

Other times we work on the behemoth 1000 dragon puzzle G&G gave Claire for Christmas. We’re slowly making progress.

Emmett shopping at CT!

More Pokemon stuffies! Don’t worry the giant Snorlax didn’t make it home though the smaller 2 were replacement Christmas gifts for Claire and she is one happy girl.

Super Emmett!

To end off the month here are the kids putting on a performance!

Hockey Tournament!


Emmett recently participated in his first hockey tournament. It was a really good experience. His team played up a division and were really competitive in all their matches. They got some wins, ties and their losses were usually only by 1 or 2 goals. In the end they didn’t make it to the final but got 3rd in their division. Emmett was disappointed but we said all that matters is that they had fun and did their best. Check and check.

We didn’t take any photos but here are some shots of Emmett from the professional photographers on-site.

Reptile Expo!


Uncle Geoff told us about an event he thought we might enjoy checking out – Reptile Expo! The kids were all over this when we presented them with the idea.

On the way there I told Derek in the car “We are not coming home with a new pet!”

There was all kinds of animals on exhibit. Tons of snakes, spiders, chameleons, geckos etc etc We even got to hold some of the animals. We held a few different snakes and a blue tongue skink that Derek fell in love with.

I was definitely outnumbered in not wanting a new pet but we managed to leave with only 1 purchase – a dragon T-shirt for Claire.

At the end of our visit Emmett asked “Can we come back here again?” I had to explain it’s a once a year show and not there all the time but I guess that means he enjoyed it. We all did.



Emmett seems to enjoy playing goalie and has volunteered for the position several times. As a bonus for taking on the position he gets access to goalie school. He has fun taking shots there and practicing even if it means 3 ice times in one day (look at that smile)!

In the actual games he has a tendency to go down early and we are constantly telling him to get up but overall he does well. I don’t think we have a goalie in the making but you never know.

Knight in the House!


Emmett was recently named Knight of the match again. His coach said “he was the most unselfish player on the ice”. In that game he had made many great passes which resulted in a slew of assists in stark contrast to some kids on the team who refuse to pass even when their teammates are wide open in front of the net! We were impressed with this level of maturity.

Strike Day = Snow Day


While their teachers were out picketing to improve the state of education in this province the kids were home for the day. We had a busy and productive time. They completed homework, Emmett got bigger skates, they cleaned out the play room top to bottom and most importantly played in the snow. They wanted to go outside to have a snowball fight but it was too cold for that so we ended up building snow forts and sledding for a few hours which was lots of fun. We even had time for boardgames and our latest obsession – watching / playing along with Family Feud Canada!



For school Emmett was assigned a social studies project where he had to choose a person important to him and put together a poster & presentation explaining why they are important to you and outlining some of their roles and responsibilities. He chose to do his project on Claire which I thought was super sweet.

He did a great job putting together his poster. He asked if he could type it up and did so all by himself (even tried keeping his fingers on home row the whole time), then chose his fonts, colours and sizing, he chose the pictures he wanted to include, cut everything out with an exacto knife and taped it all on after first putting together a rough draft. He even interviewed Claire when trying to decide what information he wanted to include. I think he did a great job and I know Claire was honoured! These 2 have been getting along really well lately =)

Happy Birthday Daddy!


This year Daddy’s birthday fell on a PA Day (YAY) so we just had to plan something special. When asked, Daddy said his choice would be a ski day so that’s what we gave him.

With breakfast the kids gave him some gifts and cards and then we were off to the ski slopes.

It was a bright and sunny day but cold which meant we had to take more frequent breaks which led to lots of goofing around. We had lots of fun and even tried out a new run at the resort.

After skiing we drove back home (thank you audio books and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III) and arrived to pulled pork ready in the slow cooker (YUM). We had a great dinner with movie and then celebrated with chocolate birthday cake which the kids delivered to Daddy at the table themselves.

Happy Birthday to our rock!

Tooth #19


Claire’s 19th tooth was hanging on by a thread for awhile. She kept freaking me out by showing my how far she could twist it. Finally it annoyed her enough that she finished pulling it out at bedtime. The tooth fairy brought her new (bigger) hoop earrings as “reward”. She loves them.

Can’t believe she has lost 19 teeth already. Lots of her friends and classmates the same age have only lost 8 or 9. Guess our family is advanced when it comes to teeth!

Magic, Mini-Golf and More!


For Christmas we had got Grandpa & Grandma tickets to see The Illusionsists, a spectacular live magic show so they came down for a weekend visit and we all went together. The show was amazing and we all really enjoyed it. So many different types of acts. It was funny, entertaining and jaw dropping all at the same time! Since we were downtown we decided to go out for dinner not realizing how busy everything would be at 5pm! No worries, we found a nice spot and enjoyed ourselves.

The next day we checked out Putting Edge, a glow in the dark mini golf course. It was really neat. The decor was spectacular and the holes were challenging. Since there were 6 of us we had to split up into 2 groups of 3 (girls and the boys). Thanks to Emmett’s enthusiasm and speed I think the boys could have lapped us but lucky for us it wasn’t very busy so we were able to stop and take lots of photos. A favourite hole was the last one where you got to go down a slide after sending your ball across a bridge and down a plinko like wall. Afterwards we checked out the arcade which was also fun before having a leisurely lunch out where we got to see the Canadian Jr hockey team enjoy a blow-out victory.

Since Grandma and Grandpa had never been to the zoo we decided to check it out. Unfortunately we didn’t realize it closes at 4:30 in the winter so we didn’t get a long time there but still had lots of fun, especially having the giraffe house to ourselves!

After that we headed home to enjoy chili waiting for us in the slow cooker and settled in to watch the latest “live” version of Lion King.

Both days Grandpa made it to 7am practice with the boys and even got some great shots of Daddy helping Emmett practice as goalie.

After breakfast G&G headed home, probably in need of some quiet and rest =)

Ski Day!


The one thing Daddy wanted to do over Christmas break was go skiing so we blocked off a day to go to Snow Valley. It was a bit of a pain packing everything into the car but lucky for us we could take advantage of the roof rack.

The weather was absolutely perfect. It was sunny and the temperature was ~0 so even I didn’t get cold hands and feet! It wasn’t too busy either so we didn’t spend much time waiting for the lift and there was no traffic on the drive. It was our first time out this year but we weren’t rusty at all and all of the kids’ new equipment worked out great too.

We even had fun going up the chair lifts (Claire entertained us with ghost stories) and hanging out in the lodge by the fire.

What an amazing day!

New Year’s Day 2020


Even though it was a late NYE night, Emmett was up early as usual. At least he is entering this new decade with consistency =)

We decided to hang out in our pj’s for the morning and try out another new boardgame – Photosynthesis. This was one more elaborate. Also fun but the kids preferred Castle Panic (me too).

After lunch we decided to go to the movie theatre and watch Jumanji 3. We all really enjoyed it. Claire was also super excited to see promos for Mulan which she can’t wait to check out.

After dinner we took a special trip to the zoo to see the Terra Lumina light show. It was a perfect night, clear skies and not too cold. The idea behind the show is that you are being transported into the future where we have learned to treat animals and the environment with more respect. It was a neat experience. Lots to see and some interesting interactive displays.

All in all a great start to the New Year.

New Year’s Eve 2019


Usually for New Years Eve we have plans in place since it’s our nephew’s birthday. Since they were away this year it was the first time we actually had to consider what to do for New Year’s Eve with kids. An interesting dilemma.

We started off the day by trading up ski equipment for the kids as they had outgrown boots/skis. Then we tried out one of the new games the kids received for Christmas – Castle Panic. It was lots of fun and instantly has become a family favourite.

In the afternoon we did an Escape Room together – Defend the Magic. It was the first time we did an escape room and failed to escape but we still had fun. It was an elaborate set-up but challenging since all the tasks were sequential so we couldn’t really divide and conquer. The kids thought it was cool because at one point we had to wear these special gloves and use them to cast spells to get other tasks to unlock. There was even a secret room we got to enter by climbing a ladder!

After that we went home for dinner before heading out again. I had done some research and found a nearby location where they were doing a countdown and fireworks show at 9pm instead of midnight. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it. Beforehand there was free family skate and other activities set up. We went around 7. The kids played foosball and air hockey. They opted to skip skating and inflatables area in order for us all to get a chance to play together in the nerf gun area. They had a blast. When it was time for the fireworks we went outside are were lucky to have decent weather. The kids have never been to a fireworks show and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were in awe. We tried to capture some of their reactions but tough to get on film.

It was a great day but unbeknownst to us there was still adventure to be had. When we got back to our car it wouldn’t start. I started to panic thinking it would be impossible to get a cab/tow on NYE. Luckily Daddy found a youtube video which he followed to get the car to start and we were able to make it home even though a fuse was blown and lots of electrical was not functioning including the speedometer. Long story short, we had to get the car towed in for repair the following week but we made it home safe and sound to end the decade!

Science Centre


A trip to the Science Centre is always fun for our family. We decided to check it out, thinking it wouldn’t be super busy during the week even though it was Christmas break. Well we were wrong about that but that’s OK. We braved the crowds and surprisingly ended up staying for 6hrs+. There were some new exhibits to check out, some old favourites, a crazy scavenger hunt and special show just there for the holidays. The kids loved the experiments they performed on stage and want to try them at home now – can we say giant mess? We had a sensatia-bubble time!


Hunter Christmas 2019


For various reasons we ended up celebrating our Hunter Christmas a little later this year but were happy to host. We had lots of fun getting together. There was great food (turkey #3), great drink, great gifts and lots of laughs. Claire and Emmett even conspired to put on a show for us all complete with sound effects 😉

The next morning by 7:15am Emmett had fully put together his Toothless 3D puzzle though a month later we are still working on Claire’s 1000 piece dragon puzzle!

Christmas Shopping Fun


Having fun Christmas shopping with my ‘star’ daughter!

Gingerbread Smash 2019


This year’s gingerbread smash was able to take place outdoors since the weather was beautiful. As always the kids had a “blast”. For once Emmett’s house even outlasted Claire’s.

It was such a beautiful day we even ended up going to the park afterwards!

Christmas in Chatham!


This year we spent Christmas in Chatham for the first time in a long time. It was definitely not a white Christmas. I think it was warmer than when we visited at Thanksgiving – in the double digits. This definitely affected how we spent our time there. We actually did a lot of outdoors activities and not sledding which is what we had expected to do. We went to the park which was nicely decorated for Christmas with a giant snowman! We played in the playground and on the exercise equipment and taught Avo and Zaza how to geocache and they helped us find some treasures.

The next day since the weather was nice again we created our own Christmas geocache and hid it in their neighbourhood while finding other treasures along the way. We even saw another couple find the same geocache we had just found – talk about coincidence. On our walk we visited the ducks and checked out the frozen pond. The coolest part was the frozen ‘waterfalls’ along the way which emptied into the pond. Claire even found a dragon =)

On Christmas Eve we set out cookies and milk and excitedly tracked Santa’s progress before the kids went to bed. I warned Emmett not to come get us all until 7am at the earliest. He was so excited though that I suspect he was up by 5am Christmas morning though he stayed true to his word and didn’t come get us. When we went downstairs the kids were excited to see their stockings filled and presents. They were so happy with all that they got. Santa did well. Emmett and Claire immediately got busy putting together their LEGO and by the end of the day Claire had finished both books that were in her stocking.

Emmett was so tired and cranky come the afternoon he had to have a nap to compensate for being up so early. First time in ages!

Other than that we spent time eating great food ….freshly roasted chestnuts and all the other yummy food Zaza makes.

We watched Christmas movies and played games together. We tried out one of our new games – Uno Dare. That was fun. You can choose to complete a dare rather than have to pick up 2 cards. One time Avo refused since the dare was “keep your leg above your head until your next turn” but all other dares were completed. Avo had to hop, Claire had to hold her card against the wall with her nose, we had to talk like divas or babies or sports announcers and more.

Christmas dinner was delicious. The kids made the stuffing and we all feasted like royalty.

We all had lots of fun and a great visit. Boxing day after breakfast we packed up and headed back home.

Opening Gifts!


The kids were so excited when the mailman showed up with a package for them. Luckily he showed up right before we left to Chatham for a few days. More Christmas presents! There was definitely a theme to this package – Pokemon all the way. They immediately opened all the cards and started trading. They got matching t-shirts which they chose to wear the very next day. Emmett adores his new Pikachu hat and has rarely been seen without it since he got it. He even tried to wear it under his hockey helmet but it didn’t work out so well.